Megalithic Site of Gunung Padang is Older Than Pyramid of Giza?

Megalithic Site of Gunung Padang is Older Than Pyramid of Giza?

Scientific facts about Site of Gunung Padang were disclosed by some experts on a discussion in Jakarta, February 7, 2012. Gunung Padang is prehistoric site, remains of megalithic culture. It is a megalithic building that known as punden berundak in Indonesia. The site is on the top of hill and surrounded by valleys and hills.

According to research of Ancient Catastrophic Disaster Team, site of Gunung Padang was alleged as building complex with amazing structure.

Width of building complex is about 900 square meters. It is on 885 meters above sea level The area of side covers 3000 square meters. That’s why site of Gunung Padang is predicted the largest of megalithic complex in South East Asia.

A geologist from Technological Institute of Bandung, Andang Bactiar said that drill result shows that site of Gunung Padang were created by humans, not something natural.  The building also used glue, ancient cement. There was found sand layer. It looks like a technology of earthquake-resistant.
According to an expert of architecture, Pon Purajatmika, punden berundak Gunung Padang shows social beliefs and assumption of building function. There are 5 terraces. Terrace 1 shows an orientation facing Gede mount. It is suitable with old belief that assumed mount as holy place.
Terrace 3 and 4 show an orientation to side direction. It looks like pointing to Karuhun mount, the ancestor cemetery.  At terrace 2, there are (look like) a main throne and 5 stone chairs. Whereas at terrace 5, there are 6 chairs. As if those show social system.
On the site, it also was found mystery of music instrument. An expert from Bandung Fe Institute, Hokky Situngkir found some stones that arranged. If stones are hit, it will be heard voices with high frequency. This fact shows that probability megalithic tradition in site of Gunung Padang had known music instrument.

An expert of geotechnology, Dani Hilman said that result of carbon dating showed that site of Gunung Padang is from 6700 years ago. It means about year 4700 BC. It means megalithic site of Gunung Padang is older than Pyramid of Giza that from 3500 BC.
Site of Gunung Padang is believed as meeting place periodically all adat leaders of Ancient Sundanese. Sundanese is tribe living in West Java. Until now, the site is still used by follower of original religion of Sundanese for worship. The worship has been done since thousands years ago.
Existence of site of Gunung Padang, actually, was published firstly on Rapporten van de Oudheidkundige Dienst (bulletin of archaeology) at 1914. A Dutch historian, N.J. Krom also mentioned it at 1949.
Indonesian Megalithic Culture

Some tribal way of life still survive in some part of Indonesia. I'm really into diversity and preservation I think we should preserve traditional beliefs and original Austronesian system of religion without disturbance of proselytizing. The tales of ancient bataras, god and godesses is really cool actually.

However my native Nias friend said some of the horrible and terrible culture may prevail too, such as tribal war and headhunting tradition. For example Nias people believe that if a chief or noble Nias family died, somebody have to accompanied him/her to afterlife, usually this tradition involving sacrificing some unsuspecting person from neighboring villages. Being kidnapped and killed, missing without trace. Scary...
Bada Valley, Lore Lindu National Park, Central Sulawesi

Bada Valley, Lore Lindu National Park, Central Sulawesi

In Sumba, a menhir is called a penji, and it is often placed next to a dolmen (grave tomb) and acts as a guardian for the spirit

Ceremonial Jumping Stone of Nias Island

Rante (stone memorials) (stone monolith) of the Toraja, Sulawesi circa 1935 AD

Lebak Sibedug

Punden berundak, Pugung Raharjo archaeological site in South Lampung, Lampung Province, Sumatra 12th.-16th. century A.D.


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