Tri bhuwana tungga dewi

According Nagarakretagama, Tribhuwana rule accompanied by her husband, Kertawardhana. In 1331 he crushed the rebellion Sadeng and Keta areas. According Pararaton there is competition between Gajah Mada and Ra Twins in getting the position of commander of the crackdown Sadeng. So, Tribhuwana set off alone as commander of the attacking Sadeng, accompanied by his cousin, Adityawarman.

Tribhuwana Wijayatunggadewi is the third ruler of Majapahit who ruled in 1328-1351. From the inscriptions Singasari (1351) is known title is Sri Tribhuwanotunggadewi Maharajasa abhiseka Jayawisnuwardhani. According Nagarakretagama, Tribhuwana took the throne on the orders of her mother (Gayatri) in 1329 to replace Jayanagara who died in 1328. When Gayatri died in 1350, Tribhuwana reign came to an end as well. The news gave the impression that Tribhuwana throne representing Gayatri. Although Gayatri is the youngest daughter Kertanagara, but maybe he was the only who still live among the wives of Raden Wijaya, so he can inherit the throne Jayanagara who died without offspring. But then Gayatri has been a Buddhist priest, so that his government was represented by her daughter, namely Tribhuwana Tunggadewi. The next important event in the Palapa Oath Pararaton is spoken at Gajah Mada rakryan sworn in as governor of Majapahit in 1334. Gajah Mada vowed never to enjoy good food (spice) before the territory conquered the archipelago under the Majapahit. Source.
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