Sinkhole in China Continues !


Wenzhou Reuters yesterday morning, the bridge in the town, village, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, a river bank, a car traveling in suddenly confronted with a road collapse, fall into the pit of about three meters deep, the driver with multiple injuries.

According to local villagers, the incident of road outside of the river had been excavation, coupled with the long-term erosion of the river, the road below the sediment loss and appeared empty, leading to the accident.  

7 o'clock yesterday morning, the little gold of the bridge in the town, Yongjia County, the village young men drove to work, leave the house only a few meters to the when Jinxi road, the road suddenly collapsed, the car instantly fell into a large pit, the Xiaojin family and local villagers immediately came to the rescue. 

Can not open the door was stuck, Xiao Jin, vice cab windows to climb out of the car, all work together to be rescued from the pit.  Reporters on the scene saw the incident occurred at the the mushroom River Golden Village, the west side of River, the collapse of the pit about three meters the deepest, 2 meters wide, 5 meters long, a white Volkswagen car bogged down in Tai Hang, Body multiple injury. 

Tai Hang above the cement pavement, crumbling, the thinnest at less than 5 cm. Collapse down the "rustling" sound issued from time to time in the Tai Hang gravel.  Preliminary inspection of the hospital, the little gold forehead, right leg, etc., skin abrasions, and whether there are injuries or fractures, remains to be further examination. 

Recall the breathtaking scene, he is still a lingering fear. He said:"I thought the earthquake, scared to close your eyes and opened his eyes and found himself in a massive big pit."  After the incident, the local authorities immediately deployed a number of vehicles, excavators excavation near the river, changing the flow direction, to prevent recurrence of the dangerThe CELESTIAL Convergence.

Guangxi Zhuang - China

Villagers found a big hole in the reservoir upstream of Lingyun in Geleshan town, Chongqing. The hole is about 20 meters long, 10 meters wide, funnel-shaped deep. Yesterday, reporter learned from the town government, they have sent people all day on duty, timely monitoring. The villagers, Geleshan ground settlement on land after another, nearly two years. These holes in the end is how the formation of?

Yesterday, Clarion Village, Geleshan town community villagers on the angle of the bridge to the Daily, said the village collapsed. Reporters rushed to the right angle bridge community Lingyun reservoir near the enthusiastic local villagers under the leadership of, and take about 10 minutes mountain, found the site of the incident.  

Villagers told reporters that the occurrence of land subsidence locations previously reservoirs, and the entire reservoir only downstream of a small lake, and the rest have dried up, while the hole is located in the Lingyun Reservoir upstream. The reporter saw the hole were two irregular round shape, the overall length of 20 meters at its widest point about 10 meters, the hole was a funnel-shaped, wider at the top, no bottom. 

At this time the villagers got bamboo poles, or throw stones down, are impossible to measure its depth. Upstream of the reservoir, there have been a stream flowing into the big hole around cordoned off and warning signs, warning villagers not to come near... Yesterday, Shapingba District Land and Resource Management Branch, geological environmental monitoring stations Yu, Geleshan belongs to the karst topography, the internal structure of complex and changeable, the underground there are many caves, underground rivers, to sew. While land subsidence factors, days of heavy rain may induce one of the reasons. 

Villagers reflect geological experts to the scene to view, and the terrain to monitor, restrict access to corresponding measures according to the development of the mountain.  Yu also said that they have been trapped surrounding villagers door-payment of disaster prevention in hedge understand card, to inform everyone once the continued abnormal, what direction they should evacuate. 

Yesterday, town government Geleshan said, all-day monitoring of ground subsidence cases, if the situation does not rule out the emergency evacuation of the villagers. 

Meanwhile, the town government has organized town, village emergency rescue team to carry out emergency rescue drill... Chongqing 136 geological survey team of geological experts said that Geleshan strata belonging to the beam mountains, limestone karst fissures, its easy to form collapse. 

The collapse may be three reasons: 

(1) to trap the hole below, may have been a cave, due to the movement of the earth itself, or cause cave erosion, will appear to collapse. 

(2) The original water in the cave under the two land subsidence, water loss due to external forces destroyed the groundwater runoff channels, the ground on the formation of pressure difference. This time, if the increase of the endurance on the ground will collapse. 

(3) The Liangshan a pulse and there were many references to mineral resources, if the landfill is not true, over time are also possible collapse. However, the specific reasons for the need for drilling, exploration, geophysical, geological experts and personnel in order to obtain the final result after investigation and consultation. The CELESTIAL Convergence.

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