Really Army Dajjal Has Appeared?

Is it true that the armies of the Dajjal has appeared? The question was raised when Israelintroduced the "Kfir" which is an elite brigade of Israeli defenses Force (IDF).

The brigade was formed as the "900th Brigade" or the Brigade 900, which entered themost elite units of the IDF infantry unit under the Ministry of Defense of Israel.

Kfir Brigade under the command of Division 162 (Utzvat Haplada). Brigade original namewas "KFR", because the system does not recognize Hebrew letters vowels.

The army is also an anti-terrorist unit of the most effective in the state of Israel. Not only that, the Israeli airline company named IAI in collaboration with pemerinta agency also haslaunched fighter named Kfir.

Prophet Muhammad once said that the physical characteristics of the Beast, in addition toone-eyed, on the forehead also exist in the Arabic script "Fa Ka Ra" or Gentiles.

Kafir means "no trust". Antichrist and his followers did not believe in Allah Most High,because they believe more in Satan or Lucifer.

In another hadith, the Prophet also said that the Antichrist will lead the troops, amounting to 70.000 troops. And in another hadith also mentioned that the Antichrist has only oneeye. Consider the image below:

So really the Antichrist forces have emerged? Really apocalypse closer? Only God knows.

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