The Death of Ken Arok

After killing Tunggul Ametung, Ken Arok took office, to marry Ken Dedes, who was pregnant and expand Tumapel influence so that eventually could destroy the kingdom of Kediri. Ken Arok himself eventually established the kingdom Singhasari. 

Apparently murder is wafted by Anusapati, child with father Ken Dedes Tunggul Ametung. Anusapati, which was adopted by Ken Arok know it all from his mother, Ken Dedes and determined for revenge. Anusapati finally designing reprisal killings by asking a warrior magic beliefs, Ki foundation. At the time alone in a room royal heritage, royal heritage watched Ken Arok had. One of its heritage is the mpu-made dagger without scabbard Gandring known as Keris MPU Gandring. Seeing the blood spills on the dagger, he felt frightened voice sounded especially more supernatural than in those who request sacrificial dagger. He remembered the curse that killed Gandring MPU, and necessarily mebantingnya to the ground to shatter. He intends to destroy it. But it turns out the keris is floated and disappeared.

While Anusapati and Ki foundation of designing the killings, a sudden dagger is in the hands Anusapati. Anusapati Ki handed dagger to the foundation of which, according to the language now, served as the "executor" of Ken Arok. The task was implemented, and to eliminate traces, Anusapati kill Ki foundation with the weapon (keris).

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